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A simple chat, with a knowledgeable professional,

is the first step to building your dream home in Tacoma, WA!

1. Free, No Obligation, Consultation...Call Now 253.335.1800

Meeting with L & E Construction is the easiest way to get your home project on track! Let us simplify the process and point you in the right direction! We will figure out quickly where your at and come up with an action plan to put the project in motion. Building a home can be very overwhelming, we break the process down into manageable pieces! After a quick chat you will know your budget and what comes next.

2A. Creating a Realistic Budget

Create a Realistic Budget. This come down to the balance between your wants in a home and the affordability of the home. When this is all done you want to be comfortable with your mortgage payment. What is your total budget and how big of a home can you build within that budget? We can answer that very question quickly once you have the land, and know the development costs!

2B. Obtaining Financing

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I don't know really, but the same goes for setting a budget and securing financing; the two go hand in hand. The next step is to talk to a qualified banker that is knowledgeable about the different loan products available. Once you figure out what you qualify for, you will know how to set a budget. When building a custom home there is a couple different financial products available.

Construction Loan. Requires 20%-25% equity of the total cost, of the project. This is often an interest only loan until the home is completed. There are a few banks that offer construction loans! Just ask us!! L &E Custom homes works closely with the lender providing any information needed.

Presale. L&E Construction may be able to structure a presale with a substantial earnest money deposit. The Presale contract outlines in detail what is included in the build and the deal only closes after an occupancy permit is obtained along with a the clients satisfaction of the home. This option is only available in certain circumstances.

3. Picking and Customizing your Home Plan

Selecting a home plan is usually something a potential client has done a lot of by this point! We have a few available plans that you can look at and customize. We also work closely with a local home designer that has many more home plans for your review. Typically, we will set up a meeting with our home designer so you can tell him what your vision is for your home. He will take your information and design a home to your liking! Have some plans already? Great, we can build any home plan!

4. Permitting.

Once the home plan is ready, we can create a site plan, energy code worksheet and all the other necessary paperwork required to submit for a permit. It takes 6 to 8 weeks or longer to approve a building permit.

5. Development.

Once the building permit is in hand, we can start the development of the property. This is the site prep, which includes, clearing the land, preparing land for build.

6. Building Your Dream Home

Once development is done the house goes up! We will management the project every step of the way! The building take 4 to 6 months. Our home builds include all our Standard Home Features and whatever customization made by the client.

7. Move In.

Once the home is complete and all inspections are approved we will do a walk through of the home! Once the home has met the clients expectations it's time to move in!