L&E Custom Homes is a family owned business managed by a father and daughter team, Doug Storey and Erin Worley, with a combination of over 25 years in the Custom Home Building industry. Our goal is to help our clients attain their dream of building their dream home. We are knowledgeable in every step of building a custom home including:

  • Budget & Action Plan
  • Exploring Financing Options
  • Land research ( Location, feasibility study and finding a fit)
  • Land Purchases
  • Land development
  • Building Plans
  • Permitting
  • Construction A to Z
  • Certificate of completion.
L&E Custom Homes works potential clients to develop their personalized a plan to build an realistic and affordable custom home!‚Äč

Our success is simple, we really enjoy helping our families define their dream into an attainable and affordable action plan. From there we create a budget and, once you are comfortable with the plan, start the process. We have helped many individuals and families build their dreams homes. Take a look at some of our clients story's to learn more.

Whether you currently own land, or are looking for a building site, our L & E Custom Homes can build you a truly custom home for your needs to our high standards. Would love to chat! Contact us today.